The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium-sized, short-coupled, dog possessing a sound, athletic, well-balanced conformation that enables it to function as a retrieving gun dog; the substance and soundness to hunt waterfowl or upland game for long hours under difficult conditions; the character and quality to win in the show ring; and the temperament to be a family companion. Physical features and mental characteristics should denote a dog bred to perform as an efficient Retriever of game with a stable temperament suitable for a variety of pursuits beyond the hunting environment.
The most distinguishing characteristics of the Labrador Retriever are its short, dense, weather resistant coat; an "otter" tail; a clean-cut head with broad back skull and moderate stop; powerful jaws; and its "kind," friendly eyes, expressing character, intelligence and good temperament.

The gentle, intelligent and family-friendly Labrador Retriever from Canada continues to be the most popular breed in the United States, according to AKC registration statistics. This versatile hunting breed comes in three colors - yellow, black and chocolate - and because of their desire to please their master they excel as guide dogs for the blind, as part of search-and-rescue teams or in narcotics detection with law enforcement.

Basic obedience training is an essential part of responsible dog ownership. It helps to establish a bond between you and your Labrador and makes him/her a welcome part of the family and in the neighborhood. In urban areas, there are obedience training clubs that offers classes where you and your dog can learn the fundamentals of basic obedience training. These classes can range in scope from puppy socializing to advanced training for obedience competition. Early training and consistency are the keys to having a well-behaved dog. If you plan to hunt your Labrador, basic obedience training is essential.

We also have a Ragdoll cat breeding program. You can visit our Ragdoll site at www.swaffsragcafe.com

We are a small Labrador Breeder located in Southern California. Our Breeding program produces beautiful and healthy American Labradors focusing on strength, disposition and color.  We began our breeding program in 2011 and have produced a limited number of litters per year which allows us additional time to socialize and imprint our puppies. Our male Bubba has a dark mocha color but is in fact black with a deep fox red influence which makes him appear chocolate. This combination has produced all three colors (black, yellow and chocolate) with a number of fox red puppies that are the pride of our kennel.

With the addition of Bernie, we expect to see additional litters per year starting in 2016 with similar results in terms of color and disposition. If you are interested in learning more about our breeding program or adopting one of our puppies, please reach out to us.


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