Adoption Contract

Swafford's Happy Tail  Labrador Café

Congratulations on your purchase of a Swafford’s Happy Tail Labrador Cafe Labrador. Your puppy is of excellent quality and is sold with a guarantee as follows:

____ 1. This puppy is guaranteed to be healthy and free of genetic disease at the time of purchase. Puppy has had all age appropriate vaccinations and has been on a bi-weekly deworming schedule until he/she has been started on monthly preventive medication. All records will be provided to buyer.

____ 2. Buyer has seventy two hours from the time of purchase to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. The buyer is solely responsible for the cost of the examination.

____ 3. If the veterinarian feels this puppy is not represented as above, buyer may return the puppy, at buyers’ expense. The puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal value, provided there is specific written documentation from the veterinarian as to the problem. Our veterinarian must concur with documentation.

____ 4. Congenital defects are covered for a period of one year from the date of birth Documentation of the congenital defect must be provided by a licensed veterinarian, and be proven to be congenital and not environmental. If our veterinarian concurs with the documentation, the puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal quality, when one becomes available. NO refunds will be given. In the event your puppy is afflicted with the above condition, the AKC papers must be returned to us, before a replacement will be given. Swafford’s Happy Tail Labrador Cafe reserves the right, at our discretion to have the puppy returned to us.

____ 5. All puppies are sold with AKC LIMITED registration. Limited registration means your puppy will be registered with AKC; however, offspring will not be eligible for registration. For your puppy’s health and safety, we recommend having your pet spayed or neutered between the age of 6 months to 1 year. If you are interested in FULL AKC registration, we will provide you with a copy of our requirements. After all requirement have been met, Swafford’s Happy Tail Labrador Cafe will file the necessary paperwork to have the limitations removed from your dog’s paperwork.

____ 6. The buyer agrees to take good care of this dog, feed and house the dog properly, maintain shots, control the dog on a harness or leash when in a public place and when off the premises of the dog's home. The dog's outdoor area will be fenced in and secure, or acceptable provisions will be made to assure the dog is safe any time he/she is outdoors. Buyer agrees to give the dog proper physical and emotional care and welfare. If the dog is found to be allowed to run freely, running at large, creating a public nuisance, or found to be neglected, abused or allowed to live in poor health or poor conditions, the seller has all rights to repossess this dog with no refund or replacement to the buyer. The death, injury or loss of said dog due to theft, carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke or accident will not entitle the buyer to any compensation from the seller.

 ____ 7. In the event the buyer is unable to keep this dog for any reason, the buyer agrees to offer to the seller the first chance to take the dog back.

____ 8. If for any reason we the breeder and the original purchaser of this puppy should end up in a court of law, then the original purchaser hereby agrees to bare any and all court costs and attorney’s fees for both the breeder and original purchaser. Furthermore, it is agreed that any court proceedings shall be held in the breeder’s state and county.

____ 9. This contract is valid for the original purchaser that purchased the puppy/dog from Swafford’s Happy Tail Labrador Cafe. If the puppy/dog is transferred to another owner this contract is null and void. The Breeder makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, under this contract except as stated above.