Aspen is a yellow female and our newest girl. She is out of Bubba and Misty and is very much her mother's daughter.  She is athletic and loves to swim. She will be ready for her first litter in mid 2016.

Aspen's Sweet Cup'O'Hot Cider



Misty is a well bred female yellow lab with a sweet disposition and an eagerness to please. She is also very athletic and loves to swim. Her puppies have been of all colors including Fox Red. She is a good mommy and takes excellent care of her babies.

Bubba is our first Male and is a big beautiful boy. He is a dark chocolate but is registered black. He has a wonderful temperament and is always friendly to visitors. Bubba is athletic and always eager to play or retrieve for hours on end. His puppies have broad heads and a variety of colors and thus far have his temperament.

Misty Cup'O'White Mocha



Hubba Bubba Daddy's Cocoa



Hazel is a chocolate lab with black characteristics.. She is a full sister to Aspen out of Bubba and Misty. While Aspen is her mother's daughter, Hazel is a spitting image of her father. She is outgoing, strong and courageous and should throw athletic red and black puppies. She will be ready for her first litter in mid 2016.

Swafford's Happy Tail  Labrador Café

Hazel Cup'O'Hot Carmel



Bernie is our newest boy and comes to us with a fantastic pedigree. He is a large yellow boy with a fantastic light coat and an intelligent twinkle in his eye. He will be bred to Aspen and Hazel and given his size and color, should produce beautiful and intelligent puppies.

Bernies Cup'O'Vanilla