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Stud Service Contract

Labrador Retrievers

Rich and Sheila Swafford (hereafter “Stud Owner”) and _____________________________________ (hereafter “Dam Owner”) hereby agree to the following terms concerning the breeding of the dogs listed below:

Stud Name: Bernies Cup’O’Vanilla                Call Name: Bernie
Age: 2           DOB: 08/26/2015       Registration Number: SR89568601

Doe Name: ________________________________   Call Name: ______________________
Age: __         DOB: __________     Registration Number: _______________

The Dam Owner will pay the Stud Owner a fee of $750, to be paid upon drop-off of the Dam. A boarding fee of $10 per day will be paid upon pickup of the Dam (this fee will be waived if the Dam Owner provides food for the Dam for the entire stay). Both parties agree to hold harmless the other for any physical or health issues that arise during the breeding period and will be solely responsible for their own animals. Stud Owner agrees to notify Dam Owner immediately in the event of any issue or concern arising during the breeding period and provide veterinary care in the event of an emergency at the Dam Owners expense and with the Dam Owners permission.

The Dam Owner will drop off the Dam with the Stud Owner and will retain the Dam in the Stud Owner’s care for no longer than 1 week (breeding period). The Dam Owner will provide any medication or special dietary requirements for the Dam. The Stud Owner will provide shelter, care and sustenance (see boarding fee above) for the duration of the Dam’s stay.

A successful breeding is defined as 1 or more puppies born alive and living at least 2 days. If a successful breeding does not occur, the Dam will be bred during her next season, provided that the Stud Owner is notified within 15 days of the failure to deliver. If the second attempt fails, the contract will be considered void. The Stud Owner and the Dam Owner verify that their respective dogs are capable of breeding and do not suffer from any contagious conditions.

In witness to their agreement to the terms of this contract, the parties affix their signatures below:

________________________________                                                      _________________________________
Stud Owner, signature & date                                                                      Dam Owner, signature & date
Name_______________________________                                              Name_____________________________
Address_____________________________                                              Address___________________________
City, state, ZIP________________________                                              City, state, ZIP _____________________